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viva Cultura

Viva Cultura Consulting LLC. was founded with a mission to help organizations create a happy and inclusive work environment. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion training often miss an essential element: making employees feel a sense of belonging.


Our team specializes in cultural intelligence consulting, helping clients understand the values and behaviors of people from different cultural backgrounds.


With our guidance, organizations can create a safe and welcoming space where everyone feels seen and valued.



My name is Andrea

I'm a cultural intelligence consultant and the founder of Viva Cultura Consulting LLC. My mission is to empower organizations to cultivate a culture of belonging.


With years of experience in community engagement, I have developed a unique approach to help businesses become more inclusive and culturally aware. As a VivaCultura leader, I am committed to creating a world where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated.

Let's work together to take your organization to the next level!

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meet OUR global Partners

VCC prioritizes collaboration to elevate both our offerings and our ability to deliver cutting-edge services to clients worldwide. Our partnerships with Human2Human LATAM (Power7 licensee), One Business FinTech services, and POWERbrick provide internationalization solutions using a modular block structure, enabling us to amplify the capabilities of existing and future talent pools. Through recent joint efforts, we have successfully executed projects showcasing the benefits of cultural intelligence and strategic alliances. Explore our impactful work below.


Marcelo PazosH

At VCC, we proudly collaborate with Human2Human (H2H), co-founded by Marcelo and Eduardo. Marcelo's extensive experience in diplomacy and trade negotiations across Asia and Latin America greatly enhances our capacity to serve clients seeking to optimize their communication strategies in global contexts. As a certified Power Seven instructor, Marcelo, alongside Eduardo, spearheads initiatives to integrate this valuable tool into organizational practices.


Eduardo herrera

VCC values alliances. Eduardo, H2H co-founder, brings extensive experience in designing and implementing communication strategies for public and private sectors alike. With an understanding of business cultures in both Asia and the US, Eduardo is passionate about empowering both executives and students alike through his specialty in Power Seven methodology and background in chemicals, logistics, and proptech. Contact us today to learn more about how our cultural intelligence can help your business excel.

VCC Values international partnerships. Galo, Founder of PowerBricks and Umbrella-Wallet, brings extensive expertise in FinTech, InsurTech, and financial services. Specializing in strategic planning, innovation, and business development, Galo is known for his solid competencies in areas such as Blockchain, Financial Management, and Business Intelligence.


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Galo polo

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