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Responsive Leadership

Leveraging Talent from Diverse Populations

Upward Mobility for Minority Populations

Authentic Engagement Starts with Your Eyebrows! Body Language in the Workplace

Crack the Code: Latino/a/e, Hispanic, of Latinx?

Inspire Action with Public Speaking

Uncover Listening: Bridge Gaps, Understand Barriers

Prices available upon request. All packages include a tailored curriculum to meet the needs of your work place. Pricing is scaled based on the number of attendees and duration of the training.  For more information on pricing, please email or text us!


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Cultivate Culture.   Cultivate Communication.  Cultivate Each Other.

Andrea's leadership development trainings with a focus on cultural competence empower individuals to navigate diverse environments effectively. These trainings foster empathy, understanding, and respect for different cultural perspectives, enhancing leaders' abilities to collaborate and inspire diverse teams. By integrating cultural competence into leadership development, organizations cultivate inclusive environments where everyone's unique background is valued and leveraged for collective success.


Effective Communication

Nonverbal Communication

Listening to Understand

Power of Simplified Communication

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