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MARCH 7, 2024 - MAY 23, 2024

Now offering the Global Leadership Development Program. The GLDP is a professional development program created in partnership between The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and Andrea Freile to help build the capacity and mobility of all LatinX employees of Wayne County.

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce's Global Leadership Development Program is for all LatinX employees who company leaders feel will become outstanding leaders in their field.

The LatinX attendees will learn from a curated curriculum focusing on cultural intelligence giving individuals the ability to recognize and adapt in settings that are different than what they are accustomed to. This is a social skill building course that will also give insight to other leadership capabilities, increasing the individual's productivity!!

What Our Clients Say

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Jose Arteaga, GLDP Participant 

"Compliments to the chef" for putting together this incredible program - you're cooking up something amazing here! I had a great time and am excited to learn more as the cohort progresses. I'm happy to see a latine engagement of this kind, and I hope, together, we can build stronger and more meaningful connections to our community while elevating our cultural representation within our organizations,.
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